Advantages in the Sector

Ekspo Faktoring is among the most sough-after and preferred brands in the Turkish factoring industry thanks to its firm grasp of the needs and operation of the real sector, customer-specific financing models, ability to fulfill commitments under all circumstances, its experienced staff that closely monitors new developments and its reliability and credibility confirmed by international auditors.

Strong Corporate Governance

The strong and sustainable corporate governance built on highly-qualified human resources and value added and solution-oriented organizational structure is the primary reason Ekspo Faktoring stands out in its sector. With a staff comprised primarily of professionals with banking experience, Ekspo Faktoring proactively generates solutions for diverse financing needs and offers them to its clients.

Embracing the principle of continuous development in accordance with its mission and vision, Ekspo Faktoring closely monitors the new financial and legal developments in the factoring sector via the professionals it employs and improves its service infrastructure. Focusing closely on the competence of its human resources, Ekspo Faktoring offers a continuous stream of training opportunities to its employees via training programs administered by the Turkish Factoring Association and the world’s largest factoring service network Factors Chain International (FCI), as a member of both organizations, working to constantly improve its service network.

Robust Capital Structure

Ekspo Faktoring, which boasts one of the lowest indebtedness ratios in the factoring sector, finances a significant part of its activities via its shareholders’ equity. Attaching great importance to keeping maturity, liquidity and foreign exchange risks at a minimum in the course of its operations, the Company holds a major competitive advantage over its rivals owing to its strong equity structure and profitability ratio. Thanks to this financing discipline that was formed as a result of its institutional experience of many years, Ekspo Faktoring has a respected and credible position in both domestic and international markets among its correspondents, creditors and credit rating agencies. Standing out with its high asset quality as well as its robust equity, Ekspo Faktoring maintains its asset quality by opting to do business with low-risk companies.

Effective Financing Solutions and Extensive Correspondent Network

Another element that gives Ekspo Faktoring a competitive edge over its competitors is its high credibility among leading correspondent and creditor institutions in the domestic and international markets. Thanks to this advantageous position, Ekspo Faktoring has been able to develop effective financing models that are attractive with respect to prevailing market conditions and that meet client needs. Ekspo Faktoring’s client portfolio consists primarily of companies in construction, textiles, tourism and food industries. The Company is able to proactively and quickly develop boutique financing models in response to global and national fluctuations and offer these to its customers. In addition, the Company successfully concluded funding transactions such as the bond issuance, thereby solidifying its credibility and reputation among the correspondent and creditor institutions in the domestic and international markets.

High Level of Customer Loyalty

With the establishment of longstanding relationships based on mutual trust with its customers and not limiting its activities to devising alternative solutions to the current financing needs of its clients, Ekspo Faktoring identifies companies’ potential need for intensely competitive market conditions and offers its clients the most suitable financing, guarantee and cash management alternatives. Thanks to this approach, Ekspo Faktoring boasts one of the highest levels of customer loyalty in the sector. Working only with a very select client portfolio in order to preserve asset quality, the Company conducts frequent customer visits by its related units to ensure the sustainability of this structure. In addition, it provides consultation services to create value added for its clients’ investments.