Export Credit Agency Facilities ( ECA )

Korea Ex-Im Bank

The Korea Ex-Im Bank ( K-Ex-Im) was established as an Export Credit Agency to encourage export of Korean products via banks and to provide attractive financing opportunities. Recently, Ekspo Faktoring has provided up to six month financing opportunities for customer imports from Korea through an agreement with Korean Ex-Im Bank. In this context, Ekspo Faktoring finances heavy machinery and chemical product imports by its customers.

United States Ex-Im Bank

The United States is one of the countries from which Turkey imports high amounts of agricultural raw materials. Ekspo Faktoring will be able to offer Turkish client deferred payment options for imports from the US within the framework of agreement with US Ex-Im Bank. Thus, Ekspo Faktoring will be able to provide inexpensive one-year term funding opportunity for customer imports.

UK Export Finance (formerly ECGD)

UK Export Credit Agency (formerly ECGD) is another export incentive agency and an intermediary for imports for Ekspo Faktoring’s customers from the UK. In this regard, reduced cost and long-term funding opportunity will be provided for imports from the UK.

Canada Eximbank (EDC) Loans

Ekspo Faktoring secures loans from Canada Eximbank to provide medium and long term financing for Turkish imports from Canada.